Panel Upgrade & Replacement

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home and we want to keep it going strong! Old electrical panels need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. They do not have the capacity to keep up with todays technology, they can cause your system to trip or they can even start a fire. The components that make up your breakers and electrical panel are exposed to prolonged periods of heat cause by the current flowing through the connection points, which are the weakest points in an electrical system causing them to break down. If you still have a 60-amp service, or notice any discoloration, cracks or buzzing coming from your panels it may be time to have it replaced. If your electrical panel still has fuses, it is definitely time to upgrade as these do not handle the demand of todays appliances. Even if you are just unsure on your panel’s health, give us a call and we can have our master electrician have a look at it for you and give you a free consultation.

Service Upgrades

A lot of older homes typically run off of a 60 or 100 amp service. This just isn’t enough to meet the demand for todays modern appliances and our lifestyles. Did you know that if you have a 60 amp panel, it needs to be upgraded when buying or selling your house? If you experience any symptoms like flickering or dimming lights when large appliances start, you smell electrical burning near your electrical panel or the main breaker trips often, this could mean that you need more power supplied to your home. if you are planning any major renovations like developing your basement, give Polar Electric a call and we will have our master electrician come out and assess your power demands free of charge! There would be nothing worse than completing a major renovation only to find that you do not have the service to support it. We are always striving for customer satisfaction and we want to make sure you are happy with the end result.

Breaker Replacement

Polar Electric only uses quality electrical parts and materials for our projects. We want our customer to rest assured that the work and materials used will provide safety and reliability to your electrical system. If you experience any of your circuit breakers tripping frequently, don’t be alarmed! This can usually be fixed be replacing the old breaker with a new one. This could also be a sign over overloading circuits as well. Polar Electric can have our certified master electrician come and give you a free assessment to make sure the problem is remedied in the most cost effective way so you don’t end up replacing parts that are unnecessary and not the root cause. Frequent tripping breakers are not the only time they may need to be replaced. If you notice a burning smell coming from your electrical panel or see any melted, charred, or discolored breakers, it is definitely time for them to be replaced before they cause more damage to your electrical system. Not all breakers will trip!
Residential Services

Troubleshooting & Repairs

Do you have flickering lights or inconsistent power on your electrical outlets? Maybe you had a light or electrical outlets stop working all of a sudden. These could all be signs that something is wrong with your electrical system and they should be addressed right away! Loose electrical connections are one of the most common reasons for house fires. They get extremely hot and can cause arcing and sparking that can ruin expensive appliances and burn out light bulbs at an alarming rate. Our skilled electricians can get to the root of your electrical problems efficiently and effectively. Polar Electric Contracting can complete a thermal imaging scan of the electrical wiring in your home to ensure that it is operating at safe temperatures and running efficiently. We don’t only fix things when there is a problem, Polar Electric Contracting offers competitive rates for maintenance schedules and packages so those components that are getting worn can be replaced before you have problems.

 Aluminum to Copper Upgrades

If you still have aluminum wiring in your home, it’s time to upgrade! Let us eliminate that fire hazard once and for all! We offer very affordable packages and pricing. Did you know an electrical permit is required for this upgrade? Our Certified Master Electrician will personally put the electrical permit in place and complete the install using quality products you can trust and a piece of mind that it is installed safely and properly. Our Certified Master Electrician can complete inspections of your existing upgrade and provide a certificate to your insurance provider. Some insurance providers require that the aluminum wiring be inspected every three years to make sure your home is safe. Aluminum to copper connections can become very hot and a fire hazard if not done correctly with the approved materials rated for this specific use. Polar Electric Contracting is all about safety and we want to give you a piece of mind that your homes electrical system is running safe and efficiently.

Hot Tubs & Spas

A hot tub is a fantastic way to warm up in those chilly months. Polar Electric Contracting can help get your hot tub up and running safely. Our Certified Master Electrician will make sure all of the proper electrical permits are in place and the installation is installed safely and up to code. Having a hot tub or spa installed, can be an exciting time. It should not be stressful, and finding the right electrical contractor for the job is key to having a trouble free installation. Water and electricity do not mix. This is why our skilled electricians and quality parts will ensure you have a safe and proper install the first time. Our installations include the electrical permit and inspections, a weather proof spa pack rated for the size of your hot tub, and power and data cable connections. Some hot tubs require a connection to the internet so you can monitor it from your phone! Polar Electric will provide a hard wired connection straight from your hot tub to your modem.

Bathroom Fan Upgrades

Your bathroom fan plays an important role in your home. It is necessary to get the unwanted, moisture out of your house to avoid damage and mould. If you are requiring a replacement of a stand-alone exhaust fan or if it is part of your HRV system, Polar Electric Contracting can help with that! Our electricians will make sure your replacement is suitable to your needs by providing proper sizing and installation. We use quality products you can trust, and installation you can feel safe about. When you have your bathroom fan installed or replaced by Polar Electric Contracting, we cover all of your finished surfaces in our work space to keep your belongings clean and undamaged. We repair the vapour barrier around the install to ensure it maintains its integrity and keeps moisture out of unwanted areas. Our electricians will use insulated ducting that is sized properly to keep your fan running quieter and to get all of the moisture outside before it cools and drips back inside.

Basement Renovations & Finishing

Renovating and finishing your basement can add value to your home. If it is done poorly, it can negatively impact the value and look of your home. Having the proper permit in place and hiring the right contractors to complete the work is key to being on your way to having the basement you envision. Polar Electric Contracting offers competitive packages that includes electrical layout and design, quality products you can trust, and electricians that have the skills to get it done neatly and on budget. Our Certified Master Electrician will ensure inspections are passed the first time! you pay a lot of money to finish your basement and we strive to do our part extremely well and we work hard to give you an installation that is safe and looks good. We enjoy working with our clients and helping them find the right products and solutions to fit their project and budget. Our electricians use a comprehensive checklist to keep everything on track, and make sure nothing gets missed every time.

LED Lighting Upgrades

LED lighting has many advantages over traditional incandescent & fluorescent lighting. They can last up to 50,000 hours which is anywhere from 5-25 years depending on their usage as opposed to changing regular bulbs every 6 months to a year. LEDs do not contain any toxic substances like mercury which can be harmful to people and the environment. They are mainly constructed of plastic components and housings which can also be recycled and are safer and easier to handle since they cannot break and shatter. Since LEDs are a solid-state device, they handle fluctuations in temperature changes a lot better than traditional bulbs. LEDs are instantly on and do not require a warm up period, making them the superior choice for our cold weather climates. They can be a lot brighter and give off a more uniform, less scattered light beam as well. • Some of the newest products, like smart bulbs, can let you control each individual bulb from your phone or tablet with up to 15 million different colors!
Commercial Services.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarm systems are put into place to warn people that a fire may be present in the building and to allow for everyone to get out safely. There is no way to tell if your system is working correctly just by looking at it, but a regular testing and a maintenance schedule is just what you need to make sure your fire alarm system is running in top condition. Polar Electric has a fire alarm certified technician that can effectively preform the maintenance you need to keep your fire alarm system in top working condition. Knowing your systems age and maintenance history can play a big part in knowing what is needed to be done regularly to keep it working properly. If your fire alarm system has had a history of bad, sloppy maintenance or none at all, the risk of components not working when you need them to is significantly higher. This can put peoples lives at risk, and you held responsible for those lives. If you are looking for an electrical contractor you can trust, call Polar Electric!

Additional Circuits

The demand for electrical power in your home increases more as appliances are getting larger and smarter. Families are using more power on average than ever before! With more electric appliances being available on the market, there is not always enough electrical outlets to plug into. Are you are always tripping the circuit breaker in your panel because you just don’t have the power necessary to run those few appliances at the same time. Polar Electric can add in those extra electrical outlets for you! Our electricians have the skills required to fish in wire, and get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our electrical installations comply with todays Canadian Electrical Code, and can get you the power you need, where you need it! The same goes for your lighting. Do you have rooms in your house where there are no ceiling lights installed at all? Polar Electric can help with that! Our qualified electricians can get those lights installed for a fair price and quality you can trust!

Lighting Upgrades

Your lighting system is a very important part of your business. When you upgrade to LED lighting, it can have a positive impact on your business in so many ways! LEDs can be way brighter than HID lighting, making them an excellent choice for yard lighting or high-bay lighting in a shop. having brighter lights will help to deter anyone looking to try and break in at night and keep your yard more secure. Brighter lights in your shop will give you better working light which can help increase efficiency in your workers. LED lighting systems can save you money! Most of the power consumption of lighting systems is wasted in the form of heat energy. LEDs operate at much cooler temperatures, which is why they are more efficient. You only pay for the light you are getting! We have a Certified Master Electrician that can come give you a FREE assessment, and tailor a lighting solution that works best for your situation. Call Polar Electric Contracting today, and let us brighten up your day!


Renovations can really help give your business that sparkle you and your clients are looking for. Your lighting and electrical can compliment any vision you have that you want to share with your customers. Are you moving to a new location? Maybe you are just looking to change things around to maximize your work stations. Our certified electricians have the experience needed to get you the results you deserve! We have worked on projects as small as installing electrical and data wiring to cubicles and other office spaces, to larger projects like full scale renovations. Polar Electric Contracting can design and implement an electrical plan to suit your needs. We also offer data and network cabling solutions to get you the access you need. Our Certified Master Electrician has over 12 years experience and will ensure all the proper electrical permits are in place and that all the work completed complies with the new Canadian Electrical Code, and to ensure there are no failed inspections.

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